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Jan 14, 2022 - Podcast

The LP’s Perspective from Ahoy Capital

This episode is a gem. From crypto, to what makes a great fund manager, to today’s “anti-fragile companies”… Venture veteran Chris Douvos shares his LP perspective on the current market moment with Ted Seides on the Capital Allocators podcast.

Nov 05, 2021 - Podcast

The #OpenLP Podcast Miniseries: Saul Klein of LocalGlobe and Latitude – Champion of the European Tech Ecosystem

On the latest episode of the #OpenLP podcast miniseries Sapphire chats with European tech ecosystem champion, Saul Klein. Topics include the evolution of venture in Europe over 20 years, the road ahead for European venture, the journey from operator to angel to...

Oct 29, 2021 - Podcast

Star Endowment Manager’s Next Act at Rockefeller University

Paula Volent, recently named CIO of Rockefeller’s $2.5B endowment, takes the hot seat on the Capital Allocators podcast. Learn how she grew Bowdoin’s endowment from $450M to $2B and generated returns at the very top of the industry.

Oct 22, 2021 - Podcast

LP Roundtable on the #VentureUnlocked Podcast

The very first LP Roundtable on the #VentureUnlocked podcast is a *must listen* episode. Featuring Chris Douvos (Ahoy Capital), Beezer Clarkson (Sapphire Partners), and Guy Perelmuter (GRIDS Capital) sharing thoughts on opportunity funds, red flags they watch for, and the state of...

Oct 08, 2021 - Podcast

The #OpenLP Podcast Miniseries: Kim Lew, CEO of Columbia University’s Endowment

Episode two of our #OpenLP podcast miniseries just dropped… And it’s an exciting one! Sapphire Partners’ Nate Leung chats with Kim Lew, CEO of Columbia University’s endowment. Topics touched on include: How institutional managers consider and approach risk, particularly in the context...

Y Combinator's new terms are sparking fears of dilution among seed investors.

Here's more on how this might ripple ... through the early-stage venture ecosystem, from @KateClarkTweets.


Wondering how the tech stock slump might ripple on down to the venture market?

@fintechjunkie has something to say on ... that:

"The amount of change in 'VC' has been astounding over the last decade." - @Samirkaji speaking the truth...


How are fast markups changing the game for recent fund vintages?

And how reliable of an indicator can recent fund ... vintage performance *really* be?

Excellent thread from @robgo digs in👇


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