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Jun 09, 2022 - Podcast

The Rocky Road Ahead for Startups

From The Indicator by NPR’s Planet Money, Wailin Wong invites Beezer on the podcast to explore how the venture ecosystem has been impacted by the down market. Take a listen for perspectives from the full funding chain.

Jun 09, 2022 - Podcast

The #OpenLP Podcast Miniseries: Jaclyn Hester of Foundry Group

On the latest episode of the #OpenLP podcast miniseries, Sapphire Partners’ Laura Thompson chats with Jaclyn Hester, Partner at Foundry Group, about how LPs pick funds, what good performance looks like and how everything is changing with the shift in today’s markets.

Mar 04, 2022 - Podcast

LP Guy Perelmuter of Grids Capital on Venture Unlocked

LP investor Guy Perelmuter chats with Samir Kaji on investment risk mitigation strategies, how new venture investors can capture upside in today’s market, the case for bear AND bull markets, and much more…

Jan 14, 2022 - Podcast

The LP’s Perspective from Ahoy Capital

This episode is a gem. From crypto, to what makes a great fund manager, to today’s “anti-fragile companies”… Venture veteran Chris Douvos shares his LP perspective on the current market moment with Ted Seides on the Capital Allocators podcast.

Nov 05, 2021 - Podcast

The #OpenLP Podcast Miniseries: Saul Klein of LocalGlobe and Latitude – Champion of the European Tech Ecosystem

On the latest episode of the #OpenLP podcast miniseries Sapphire chats with European tech ecosystem champion, Saul Klein. Topics include the evolution of venture in Europe over 20 years, the road ahead for European venture, the journey from operator to angel to...

🧵 by @fintechjunkie w/ an update to his "investor’s framework". Keep in mind:
1. Absolute ownership of an asset is ... fixed, regardless of market sentiment.
2. Value creation takes time & quality assets will be seen for what they are over time.
3. Liquidity is a feature AND a flaw.

📢Calling all #VC emerging mgrs: Want to step inside the minds of LPs to understand their approach to the ⬇️mkt?...

@CommerceVC is hosting Sapphire Partners’ @beezer232 & @PackardFdn's @sbluestein for a virtual AMA: 6/30 @ 9a PT. Register now to join the 💭

💫And that’s a wrap! Wonderful meeting w/ VC colleagues @ #SuperVenture & #SuperReturn, & a treat to hear ... from @NinoMarakovic, @JaiDas, and @beezer232 on stage discussing the state of global venture, crypto, and LP perspective on VC strategy in a ⬇️mkt, respectively.


Always a pleasure swapping insights with @thebenbergman. Thanks for including @Beezer232 in your story!

PS - For ... anyone wanting to dive deeper in the minds of LPs during this uncertain market, join the @nvca x #OpenLP webinar happening tomorrow @ 1p ET👉

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