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First time navigating a ⬇️turn as a #GP? In Pt1️⃣ of this 🆕series, @RaiseConference shares a playbook for ... emerging fund mgrs on how ⬇️turns may impact portfolios & the steps #VCs need to take now to weather the storm⛈️ http://bit.ly/3OU6iyc by @benjamindblack & @joannadrakeearl

TY @venturedan for hosting @beezer232 on today's AMA! Bits of #LP advice for emerging mgrs:
✨"All surprises should be ... pleasant" -@sbluestein
✨Over-communicate ab your portfolio (💸runway/rev)
✨Work w auditors & LPAC on valuation strategy
✨Consistency is🔑 on valuation policy

#VC returns insights via #CambridgeAssociates' Andrea Auerbach: Though we can expect negative impacts to VC returns, ... because many VC-backed companies have revenue & revenue growth (unlike 1999-2000), this cycle may not be as severe as the .com era. More: http://bit.ly/3AibYOf

📣#VC emerging managers: @CommerceVC is hosting an #LP #AMA this Thurs 6/30 @ 9a PT & you don’t want to miss! ... Join Sapphire Partners’ @beezer232 & @PackardFdn’s @sbluestein for insights on how to navigate a downturn. Register today & have your❓s ready:📋http://bit.ly/3tyxx96

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