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Oct 15, 2021 - Twitter

Follow-on Strategy

Is first check picking a different skill than follow-on picking? Here’s an excellent meditation on follow-on strategy from Gale Wilkinson.

Oct 15, 2021 - Article

VC Incentive Mechanisms For Venture Partners, Scouts And Ambassadors

“Ensuring that Venture Partners, Advisors, Scouts or Ambassadors have the right incentives is absolutely critical.” More on properly incentivizing external VC collaborators from the Blue Future Partners team here.

Oct 08, 2021 - Podcast

The #OpenLP Podcast Miniseries: Kim Lew, CEO of Columbia University’s Endowment

Episode two of our #OpenLP podcast miniseries just dropped… And it’s an exciting one! Sapphire Partners’ Nate Leung chats with Kim Lew, CEO of Columbia University’s endowment. Topics touched on include: How institutional managers consider and approach risk, particularly in the context...

Oct 08, 2021 - Article

University Endowments Mint Billions in Golden Era of Venture Capital

49%… 56%… 65%! These annual return numbers are incredible. “Large college endowments have notched their biggest investment gains in decades, thanks to portfolios boosted by huge VC returns and soaring stock markets.”

Oct 08, 2021 - Article

How do you attract family offices and other large investors to your direct investing platform?

“I’ve been meeting lately with more family offices interested in investing directly into companies, in lieu of via funds.” David Teten shares some of the online platforms that empower LPs by enabling direct investing.

File this one under: DO NOT MISS 🌟

The very first LP Roundtable on the #VentureUnlocked podcast is a *must listen* ... episode.

Featuring insights from @cdouvos, @guyperelmuter, and @Beezer232.



In the early stages of the life cycle of a fund, the most frequently used performance metrics (MOIC, TVPI, DPI, IRR) may... not be very reliable...

So what are the key VC performance metrics beyond just common multiples?

https://www.bfp.vc/vc-performance-metrics-for-early-stage-funds-beyond-common-multiples/ by @marcocsolinas

How can emerging fund managers prepare for access to new capital?

@cartainc, @DLA_Piper, + @WeaverCPAs are hosting a ... webinar tomorrow on just this topic.

Be sure to register! 👇


The Weekend Read:

"Endowments are posting their best returns since the 1980s... In many cases, this validates the ... so-called "endowment model" championed by the late David Swensen of Yale, which over-allocates to illiquid securities."

https://www.axios.com/higher-education-endowment-growth-investments-7b745c31-693d-4ee8-a522-1accf6ca62fd.html by @danprimack

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