Dec 08, 2022 - Article

Living Through the Revenge of Capital

Charles Hudson, Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures, shares an honest take about the emotional toll of investing in harsh markets, and the impact it has on how GPs and LPs relate to existing investments and new opportunities.

Dec 05, 2022 - Article

How Accurate are “Zombie” Valuations?

For LPs considering selling ten-year-old+ funds on the secondary market, the question is: Are GPs clinging to overstated zombie valuations and thus postponing eventual write-downs, or should LPs expect this capital to be distributed in full?

Nov 12, 2022 - Podcast

Seed to Harvest Podcast with Jaclyn Hester

In the latest episode of Paige Doherty’s ‘Seed to Harvest’ Podcast, Foundry Partner Jaclyn Hester shares best practices for emerging managers around capital calls, networking, annual meetings, managing challenging issues and more.

Nov 04, 2022 - Article

Investors Pour Into Venture Capital Funds Even as Markets Cool

Wall Street Journal VC, tech and startup reporter Heather Somerville spoke with several LP’s for their take on the state of the market, including Sapphire Partners’ Beezer Clarkson, Cendana Capital’s Michael Kim and Ahoy Capital’s Chris Douvos.

Oct 27, 2022 - Article

Black VCs Can Make a Bigger Impact With Institutional & Individual Investors’ Help

The share of venture capital dollars managed by Black men and women is less than 1% for each, and Black founders have raised only 1.2% of venture dollars, according to Crunchbase. Geri Stengel profiled Mandy Bynum Mc Laughlin, CEO at BLCK VC...

🗣️ @dunkhippo33 sharing truths 👇👇

Insightful mental model by @QEDInvestors' @fintechjunkie about the structural wrinkles in the current #VC funding ... progression.

His thoughts on non-consensus investments, truth tellers & “first-chapter specialists" marketing to readers who specialize in the middle chapters:

🤩 @BasisSet Founder @xuezhao joins the Origins Pod w co-hosts @Beezer232 (@SapphirePrtnrs) & @nchirls ... (@notationcapital) to talk:

▶️ Investment strategy on #AI, beyond LLMs
▶️ Unique perspective on #venture
▶️ Background as Corporate Dev Strategy lead at @Dropbox…

Anecdotally, SVB & other regional banks met many needs of a #VC fund & in particular for emerging managers with ... a smaller fund size. @BusinessInsider's @meliarobin discusses the banking challenges now faced👇

Commentary: @jefielding @dunkhippo33 @pilarj2020 @TurnerNovak…

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