Jun 23, 2022 - Twitter

Investor’s Framework: An Update

QED Investors co-founder Frank Rotman provides an updated version of his “Investor’s Framework” for how to think about corrections and navigate the choppy waters via Twitter @fintechjunkie.

May 06, 2022 - Article

Dirty Secret: Venture Reserves are Not Always a Good Thing

Nearly every early-stage manager has a reserve strategy incorporated into their fund model nowadays. BUT… and here’s the dirty secret… venture reserves are *not* always a good thing, says Laura Thompson of Sapphire Partners.

May 06, 2022 - Article

Reservations About Reserves

“The greater your confidence in stable prices in the fundraising market, the more likely you are to double down with follow on investing. The less confident, the greater your reservations about reserves,” shares Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint.

Apr 22, 2022 - Twitter

“Why Seed Funds are Going to Start Investing in More Companies”

Is seed fund math changing before our very eyes? Is 40 companies per fund the new 20? Portfolio construction food for thought from Henri Pierre-Jacques.

Apr 04, 2022 - Article

An LP Take on VC Portfolio Construction

Is it better to index venture as broadly as possible in the hopes of unearthing winning outliers? Or to concentrate resources on a smaller number of investments, so as to maximize returns on winners? Here’s one LP’s take on portfolio construction.

🧵 by @fintechjunkie w/ an update to his "investor’s framework". Keep in mind:
1. Absolute ownership of an asset is ... fixed, regardless of market sentiment.
2. Value creation takes time & quality assets will be seen for what they are over time.
3. Liquidity is a feature AND a flaw.

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Always a pleasure swapping insights with @thebenbergman. Thanks for including @Beezer232 in your story!

PS - For ... anyone wanting to dive deeper in the minds of LPs during this uncertain market, join the @nvca x #OpenLP webinar happening tomorrow @ 1p ET👉 http://ow.ly/B1nu50Jg2WM

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