Nov 29, 2022 - Article

Global Private Markets Fundraising Report Q3 2022

Raising private capital became more difficult in Q3. Aggregated fundraising across the private investing universe was down 7.7% to $1.35 trillion in the 12 months leading up to September 30, as only funds focused on venture capital and real assets managed to...

Nov 09, 2022 - Article

Fundraising as an Emerging Manager: How to Source & Connect with LPs

Four Cities Capital Operating Principal Mia Nguyen shares Part I of her new blog series, which aims to demystify the fundraising process for emerging managers and shares tips for outreach and relationship management with LPs.

Sep 12, 2022 - Article

A Deep Dive into the Challenges of Raising Your First Venture Capital Fund

Saka Saddiq Nuru of Funnder VC has spent the last 8 months fundraising for the first time. 1000+ emails, 47+ applications, and 6 newsletters later, he transparently shares a deep-dive on the challenges of raising in 2022, a market map of the...

Sep 09, 2022 - Article

Emerging VCs Adjust to a New Fundraising Reality

Though the cadence of fundraising has slowed, Sapphire’s Nate Leung views the last few months as a healthy reset for the VC ecosystem after a frothy 2021. And while this environment places additional pressure on emerging managers, many are still actively in...

Sep 08, 2022 - Article

Top Mistakes First-Time Fund Managers Make

In the latest edition of Signature Block, Ryan Hoover and Vedika Jain of Weekend Fund crowdsource fundraising lessons learned from experienced GPs and LPs to share with first-time VCs. These 10 common mistakes are paired with actionable advice.

✴️Applications are open for @Bridge_GLBL!

Women emerging managers: Learn more about the programming you can access,... selection criteria & process, as well as the🔗to apply here:

Honored to have @SapphirePrtnrs on this year's cohort selection committee!

🎧@AcquiredFM has the latest must-listen podcast

@altcap Partner @MeghanKReynolds (fmr @tpg) talks strategic capital... formation w @gilbert & @djrosent: Why it's much more than IR + #fundraising; how/why it's going to change dramatically in the next decade

It's not an easy time to raise a #VC fund for many managers right now. Great advice 💎 on how to from @HarryStebbings ... on this podcast

advice like:
- your fund size is your strategy
- navigating the world of LPs
- getting the LP fly wheel going


Latest edition of @weekendfund's Signature Block is out & features @SapphirePrtnrs' @Beezer232 who shares how ... institutional #LPs evaluate funds & offers tips to emerging managers on standing out.

Check out the full LP AMA👇

🙏@rrhoover & @vedikaja_in

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