Nov 19, 2021 - Article

An Early-Stage Supply Chain Tech Venture Capitalist’s Take on ESG and Impact Investing Considerations

Although it’s hard for early-stage startups to meaningfully measure ESG and impact outcomes, these considerations can still be taken into account when making investment decisions. Brian Laung Aoaeh shares his thoughts on how.

Aug 27, 2021 - Twitter

Let’s Talk LP Diversity

LP diversity has been a popular topic of conversation lately, but substantive analysis has been hamstrung by the lack of data. Sapphire’s Beezer Clarkson finally sheds some light on the true outlines of the LP demographic landscape in this Tweet thread.

Aug 13, 2021 - Article

Who Are the LPs that are Investing in Underrepresented-Led VC Managers?

Many LPs are actively backing underrepresented managers (primarily women-led firms and people of color) through direct mandates or an increased focus and preference toward investing in underrepresented managers. Here’s a crowd-sourced list assembled by Samir Kaji:

Jul 09, 2021 - Twitter

A Conversation on LP Demographics

This Twitter thread from Kia Kokalitcheva of Axios kicked off a highly relevant (and candid!) conversation on LP demographics. Journalists, GPs, and LPs all jumped in to have their say.

Jun 11, 2021 - Article

Ten Leading VCs Team Up On A $50 Million Fund To Back Underrepresented Investors

Would-be venture capitalists looking to raise a fund for the first time often face a chicken-and-egg problem: to raise money, they’re expected to demonstrate a track record of promising startup investments; to build such a portfolio, they need to raise money. For...

Y Combinator's new terms are sparking fears of dilution among seed investors.

Here's more on how this might ripple ... through the early-stage venture ecosystem, from @KateClarkTweets.


Wondering how the tech stock slump might ripple on down to the venture market?

@fintechjunkie has something to say on ... that:

"The amount of change in 'VC' has been astounding over the last decade." - @Samirkaji speaking the truth...


How are fast markups changing the game for recent fund vintages?

And how reliable of an indicator can recent fund ... vintage performance *really* be?

Excellent thread from @robgo digs in👇


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