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Jul 09, 2021 - Twitter

How Emerging Managers Should Consider Incentive Mechanisms

This fantastic Twitter thread from Marco Cesare Solinas of Blue Future Partners advises managers on incentive design: “If there is somewhere you should avoid being creative, it’s here.”

Apr 16, 2021 - Article

The Essential Guide to Syndicates

This guide defines what a syndicate is, how to work with syndicates, and why you should consider them as part of your fundraising journey as an organizer, an investor, or a founder.

Apr 09, 2021 - Article

Venture Fund Portfolio Construction Tool

This interactive tool from Kauffman Fellows explores venture portfolio construction and the various trade off implications a GP must consider. It enables you to construct your own portfolio to understand how various assumptions impact returns to LPs and GPs.

Mar 26, 2021 - Article

Does Your VC have an Investment Thesis, or a Hypothesis?

VCs love to talk investment theses: on Twitter, Medium, Clubhouse, at conferences. And yet, when you take a closer look, theses are often meaningless and/or misleading.

Mar 12, 2021 - Article

How Emerging Investors Can Think About Their Value Proposition To Founders

Venture capital as an offering has long been defined in terms of capital and value-add. This leaves aside important nuances that need to be acknowledged. What exactly are the differences between investors and what traits do founders value most? Which factors contribute...

File this one under: DO NOT MISS 🌟

The very first LP Roundtable on the #VentureUnlocked podcast is a *must listen* ... episode.

Featuring insights from @cdouvos, @guyperelmuter, and @Beezer232.



In the early stages of the life cycle of a fund, the most frequently used performance metrics (MOIC, TVPI, DPI, IRR) may... not be very reliable...

So what are the key VC performance metrics beyond just common multiples?

https://www.bfp.vc/vc-performance-metrics-for-early-stage-funds-beyond-common-multiples/ by @marcocsolinas

How can emerging fund managers prepare for access to new capital?

@cartainc, @DLA_Piper, + @WeaverCPAs are hosting a ... webinar tomorrow on just this topic.

Be sure to register! 👇


The Weekend Read:

"Endowments are posting their best returns since the 1980s... In many cases, this validates the ... so-called "endowment model" championed by the late David Swensen of Yale, which over-allocates to illiquid securities."

https://www.axios.com/higher-education-endowment-growth-investments-7b745c31-693d-4ee8-a522-1accf6ca62fd.html by @danprimack

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