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Oct 27, 2022 - Article

Black VCs Can Make a Bigger Impact With Institutional & Individual Investors’ Help

The share of venture capital dollars managed by Black men and women is less than 1% for each, and Black founders have raised only 1.2% of venture dollars, according to Crunchbase. Geri Stengel profiled Mandy Bynum Mc Laughlin, CEO at BLCK VC...

Oct 27, 2022 - Article

Top VCs Have Expanded into Broader Asset Managers; Is the Model Sustainable?

TechCrunch Editor Connie Loizos sat down with Niko Bonatsos, General Catalyst, and Caryn Marooney, Coatue, at Disrupt to answer the question: Does it make sense that top venture firms now tackle nearly every stage of tech investing, or would their own investors...

Oct 21, 2022 - Article

‘Me Too’ Investing is Eating Returns

Alan Feld, Founder and Managing Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, wrote a byline in TechCrunch to discuss underfunded areas that could produce huge winners over the next ten years, including alternative energy, remote and home healthcare, education and food and AgTech.

Oct 07, 2022 - Article

Assure Analytics Report: How VCs Use SPVs

This report analyzes dozens of datapoints around venture capital and SPVs, unpacking adoption, analysis by fund stage and AUM, investor networks, context on the General Partners, management fees and carry.

Oct 05, 2022 - Article

Outperformance: The Power of Power Laws

Which investments generate the greatest venture returns: enterprise or consumer? To answer this, Sapphire Partners’ Beezer Clarkson and Evan Tarzian created a database of enterprise vs consumer performance data to spot patterns and analyze returns over the past few decades.

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Transparent post by @HunterWalk that sheds light on the realities of what actually happens to a venture portfolio when a... highly-valued startup implodes (even if a small percentage of the total fund).

Fund, time, $, reputation & relationship implications 👇

Great Seed to Harvest interview with @jfreester on how @TheFoundryTeam's strategy has evolved to include direct invest +... investing in seed stage managers.

Includes best practices for emerging mngrs around capital calls, networking, annual mtgs & more.


Moderated by @PwC’s Anna Cholast, Sapphire’s @ttm00n & Foobar’s @benjaminratz spoke at @SlushHQ about:
... 🔷How the macro env will impact LP allocations in the short & long term
🔷How institutional LPs categorize & evaluate emerging mngrs
🔷Exciting venture investment opportunities

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