Emerging Managers

Launching or scaling a fund can be both exciting and daunting. There is a lot to learn and get smart on quickly. Here are insights and best practices from the collective experience of the #OpenLP network. Click here for evergreen resources such as programs, services, and LP lists for emerging managers.

Oct 17, 2022 - Article

The Importance of Staying Lean in the Early Days

With so much cash flowing during the last 24 months, Ed Sim says it was easy to hire too fast, but onboarding new folks, getting them up to speed on the codebase, and managing internal communications issues can all defocus founders from...

Oct 11, 2022 - Article

How to Write LP Updates

In this edition of Signature Block, Weekend Fund’s Ryan Hoover and Vedika Jain tap five established LPs to share their insights on what makes a good LP update great, what to include, how to get bonus points from your LPs and a...

Sep 12, 2022 - Article

A Deep Dive into the Challenges of Raising Your First Venture Capital Fund

Saka Saddiq Nuru of Funnder VC has spent the last 8 months fundraising for the first time. 1000+ emails, 47+ applications, and 6 newsletters later, he transparently shares a deep-dive on the challenges of raising in 2022, a market map of the...

Sep 09, 2022 - Article

Emerging VCs Adjust to a New Fundraising Reality

Though the cadence of fundraising has slowed, Sapphire’s Nate Leung views the last few months as a healthy reset for the VC ecosystem after a frothy 2021. And while this environment places additional pressure on emerging managers, many are still actively in...

Sep 05, 2022 - Twitter

Materials & Strategies for the Best Founders (& Emerging Managers)

2048 Managing Partner Alex Iskold shares a fundraising Twitter thread with tactical strategies for early-stage founders, with many parallels for emerging VCs raising from LPs, including deck tips, ensuring an investor match, memorizing the tough FAQs and starting at a lower amount.

Don't miss this panel of #LPs at @cartainc's Equity Summit discussing trends in #VC and where the industry is headed in ... 2023.

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Transparent post by @HunterWalk that sheds light on the realities of what actually happens to a venture portfolio when a... highly-valued startup implodes (even if a small percentage of the total fund).

Fund, time, $, reputation & relationship implications 👇

Great Seed to Harvest interview with @jfreester on how @TheFoundryTeam's strategy has evolved to include direct invest +... investing in seed stage managers.

Includes best practices for emerging mngrs around capital calls, networking, annual mtgs & more.


Moderated by @PwC’s Anna Cholast, Sapphire’s @ttm00n & Foobar’s @benjaminratz spoke at @SlushHQ about:
... 🔷How the macro env will impact LP allocations in the short & long term
🔷How institutional LPs categorize & evaluate emerging mngrs
🔷Exciting venture investment opportunities

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