Emerging Managers

Launching or scaling a fund can be both exciting and daunting. There is a lot to learn and get smart on quickly. Here are insights and best practices from the collective experience of the #OpenLP network. Click here for evergreen resources such as programs, services, and LP lists for emerging managers.

Nov 29, 2022 - Article

Forbes 30 Under 30 Venture Capitalists 2023

From gaming-focused tech startups to companies focusing on sexual and reproductive health, the young investors of Under 30 in 2023 are putting their money to work in companies created by and for their immigrant, people-of-color and LGBTQ+ peers.

Nov 17, 2022 - Article

VC Terms You Need to Know

The investing world is full of acronyms and terms that are foreign to those that haven’t been in the game for years. The team at Weekend Fund put together a glossary of concepts every fund manager needs to know (or be reminded...

Nov 12, 2022 - Podcast

Seed to Harvest Podcast with Jaclyn Hester

In the latest episode of Paige Doherty’s ‘Seed to Harvest’ Podcast, Foundry Partner Jaclyn Hester shares best practices for emerging managers around capital calls, networking, annual meetings, managing challenging issues and more.

Nov 09, 2022 - Article

Fundraising as an Emerging Manager: How to Source & Connect with LPs

Four Cities Capital Operating Principal Mia Nguyen shares Part I of her new blog series, which aims to demystify the fundraising process for emerging managers and shares tips for outreach and relationship management with LPs.

Oct 17, 2022 - Article

The Importance of Staying Lean in the Early Days

With so much cash flowing during the last 24 months, Ed Sim says it was easy to hire too fast, but onboarding new folks, getting them up to speed on the codebase, and managing internal communications issues can all defocus founders from...

Insightful mental model by @QEDInvestors' @fintechjunkie about the structural wrinkles in the current #VC funding ... progression.

His thoughts on non-consensus investments, truth tellers & “first-chapter specialists" marketing to readers who specialize in the middle chapters:

🤩 @BasisSet Founder @xuezhao joins the Origins Pod w co-hosts @Beezer232 (@SapphirePrtnrs) & @nchirls ... (@notationcapital) to talk:

▶️ Investment strategy on #AI, beyond LLMs
▶️ Unique perspective on #venture
▶️ Background as Corporate Dev Strategy lead at @Dropbox…

Anecdotally, SVB & other regional banks met many needs of a #VC fund & in particular for emerging managers with ... a smaller fund size. @BusinessInsider's @meliarobin discusses the banking challenges now faced👇

Commentary: @jefielding @dunkhippo33 @pilarj2020 @TurnerNovak…

💯Latest @SignatureBlock_ is out & it's a good one... Very little understood ab about raising your fund in public.... @WeekendFund did so successfully & outlined:

💲Pros vs cons & tips
💲Why other fund mngrs took this path
💲Process, materials & tools used

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