Mar 04, 2022 - Twitter

How will the “pandemic vintage” of funds ultimately perform?

Individual investments follow their own paths but a ‘vintage’ will succumb to the forces of the mega-trends. Frank Rotman shares his thoughts on how the “pandemic vintages” will look in hindsight.

Feb 04, 2022 - Article

Emerging Managers from the Raise Conference: What Does the Data Say?

At #OpenLP we love ourselves some performance benchmarks! 250+ emerging managers submitted data to the Raise Conference… One 2015 fund is notching a 10.46x TVPI! Check out the stats here.

Jan 14, 2022 - Twitter

How Much Do Early Fund Performance Metrics Really Tell You?

How are fast markups changing the game for recent fund vintages? And how reliable of an indicator can recent fund vintage performance *really* be? Excellent Tweet thread from Rob Go digs in on this topic.

Dec 23, 2021 - Article

European VC investments outperform U.S. ones—and have over the past two decades

“Returns from European VC investments have exceeded that of the US in every time period for the past two decades.” The insights from Atomico’s recent State of European Tech report just keep on coming…

Dec 10, 2021 - Video

The Evolution of European Venture: The Returns are Real

The returns are real, and it’s time to talk numbers. Don’t miss this panel on the evolution and current state of European venture, from the recent SuperVenture conference in Berlin.

🧵 by @fintechjunkie w/ an update to his "investor’s framework". Keep in mind:
1. Absolute ownership of an asset is ... fixed, regardless of market sentiment.
2. Value creation takes time & quality assets will be seen for what they are over time.
3. Liquidity is a feature AND a flaw.

📢Calling all #VC emerging mgrs: Want to step inside the minds of LPs to understand their approach to the ⬇️mkt?...

@CommerceVC is hosting Sapphire Partners’ @beezer232 & @PackardFdn's @sbluestein for a virtual AMA: 6/30 @ 9a PT. Register now to join the 💭

💫And that’s a wrap! Wonderful meeting w/ VC colleagues @ #SuperVenture & #SuperReturn, & a treat to hear ... from @NinoMarakovic, @JaiDas, and @beezer232 on stage discussing the state of global venture, crypto, and LP perspective on VC strategy in a ⬇️mkt, respectively.


Always a pleasure swapping insights with @thebenbergman. Thanks for including @Beezer232 in your story!

PS - For ... anyone wanting to dive deeper in the minds of LPs during this uncertain market, join the @nvca x #OpenLP webinar happening tomorrow @ 1p ET👉

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