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Oct 10, 2022 - Twitter

A Narrative on Today’s Markets vs Years Prior

QED Co-founder, Partner and Chief Investment Officer Frank Rotman shares an extensive Twitter thread on the reality of today’s private markets for startups, VCs and LPs vs years past: the “Acceleration Phase” (2020 + 2021), the “Correction Phase” (2022) and the “New...

Sep 05, 2022 - Twitter

Materials & Strategies for the Best Founders (& Emerging Managers)

2048 Managing Partner Alex Iskold shares a fundraising Twitter thread with tactical strategies for early-stage founders, with many parallels for emerging VCs raising from LPs, including deck tips, ensuring an investor match, memorizing the tough FAQs and starting at a lower amount.

Aug 31, 2022 - Twitter

Running a VC Fund & Investing in Startups Are Not Always Synonymous

After receiving many cold emails from aspiring VC fund managers asking for investment advice, Elizabeth Yin, co-founder of Hustle Fund, realized people often conflate running a VC fund and investing in startups. She breaks down the differences and shares alternative paths for...

Aug 14, 2022 - Twitter

10 Resources for Understanding the VC Side of the Table

Before Contrary Capital’s Jason Chen became a full-time investor, he founded two companies – a common path for many, but requires a new understanding. Jason shares his top resources for getting up to speed on the venture ecosystem.

Jul 29, 2022 - Twitter

How Much Should I Raise for my First VC Fund?

Henri Pierre-Jacques, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Harlem Capital, opens the curtain on Harlem’s Fund I and shares four questions to consider when determining how much to raise.

Insightful mental model by @QEDInvestors' @fintechjunkie about the structural wrinkles in the current #VC funding ... progression.

His thoughts on non-consensus investments, truth tellers & “first-chapter specialists" marketing to readers who specialize in the middle chapters:

🤩 @BasisSet Founder @xuezhao joins the Origins Pod w co-hosts @Beezer232 (@SapphirePrtnrs) & @nchirls ... (@notationcapital) to talk:

▶️ Investment strategy on #AI, beyond LLMs
▶️ Unique perspective on #venture
▶️ Background as Corporate Dev Strategy lead at @Dropbox…

Anecdotally, SVB & other regional banks met many needs of a #VC fund & in particular for emerging managers with ... a smaller fund size. @BusinessInsider's @meliarobin discusses the banking challenges now faced👇

Commentary: @jefielding @dunkhippo33 @pilarj2020 @TurnerNovak…

💯Latest @SignatureBlock_ is out & it's a good one... Very little understood ab about raising your fund in public.... @WeekendFund did so successfully & outlined:

💲Pros vs cons & tips
💲Why other fund mngrs took this path
💲Process, materials & tools used

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