Great piece from @samirkaji on why emerging mgrs are critical to a well-rounded #VC portfolio:

-Clear focus on core ... competency & maximizing rtrns
-Alignment w investors (motivated to “emerge”)
-Opportunity to gen outsized outcomes from a single position

Q2 2022 US Valuations Report x @PitchBook:

Only 10 public listings for companies valued $1B+ were recorded through June... 30, compared with 100+ in 2021. Early-stage median pre-💰 valuations fell 16% in Q2 to $52M.

Full Report 📖👇

TY @shomikghosh21 for allowing @Beezer232 to share the #LP perspective in Software Snack Bites🥨!

Take a read through... for an overview of the current state of the LP market: What GPs should know, portfolio allocation, investment strategy & tips for managing the GP/LP relationship

🚀@ttunguz shares interesting data to show the value generated by a successful software startup per every #VC dollar ... raised. For the last 30 years, this has been 10x, though it's volatile. Tomasz breaks it down here:

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