#Outperformance in #venture is a game of power law, but enterprise vs consumer patterns differ:

Ent = 🧺of exits / ... IPO or M&A in ↕️ mkt
Consumer = Large individual exits / IPO in ⬆️mkt

🙏@beezer232 & @EvanTarzian for the analysis. Read the full report 🔗

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Still digesting this chart… “Historically, Top Quartile DPI has exceeded 2x in only a small handful of years”. ... 👇 got to go for the outperformce

6 years in venture, dozens of convos w LPs, 4 key questions to each & ~12K words that aim to demystify the opaque ... 🌏 of #LP investing.

5 sections:
To be or not to be an LP
What makes a phenomenal (vs good) GP
Common advice to ignore
Tactical tips

Bravo @cupazhou 👏👏👏

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