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Dec 03, 2021 - Article

VC Lolita Taub shares her best advice for underrepresented investors trying to raise their own funds

“Create a mission statement and a clear goal for your fund, because a solid foundation is necessary for outsized returns.” Lolita Taub shares her best advice for underrepresented investors trying to raise their own funds.

Aug 13, 2021 - Article

Who Are the LPs that are Investing in Underrepresented-Led VC Managers?

Many LPs are actively backing underrepresented managers (primarily women-led firms and people of color) through direct mandates or an increased focus and preference toward investing in underrepresented managers. Here’s a crowd-sourced list assembled by Samir Kaji:

May 14, 2021 - Article

Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle

“How does a venture firm ‘do’ ESG with early-stage startups?” This is a common question from venture firms, limited partners, academics, and the media — and the answer is, well, not so obvious despite a craving for simplicity.

May 14, 2021 - Video

Diverse and emerging fund managers in the private market asset class

Aakar Vachhani of Fairview Capital shares the LP perspective on the She-VC podcast.

Oct 16, 2020 - Article

Announcing the Black Venture Institute

Today, we are thrilled to announce our newest and largest program yet: the Black Venture Institute. We’ve been busy working on this initiative all summer with incredible partners that include Operator Collective, Salesforce Ventures, and UC Berkeley Haas.

🩺 @raiseconference took the pulse of 200+ #LPs for their take on the state of #VC today 👇

1/ Frustration brewing... w excessive fund sizes & “Economics > 2/20”
2/ Want VCs to focus efforts on 1 stage/1 sector
3/ Some LPs would sell assets in legacy funds

👏TY to @HarryStebbings, @Chalfs, @katherineykwu, @fredwilson, @hunterwalk, @bizcarson, @pitchbook, @nvca & the ... many more who shared insights in this month's #OpenLP newsletter💫

🔗👇 for perspectives from the bright minds of the venture ecosystem


Carveout's roundtable Fund of Funds event series will be live soon! Grab your virtual seat at the🔗 below, & don't... miss @Beezer232 (Sapphire Partners), @lo_toney (@PlexoCapital), @tracyfong (Albourne Partners) & Abe Finkelstein (@Vintage_Inv) @ 10:30a PT!


Great 🧵on for #VC fundraising for first-time managers.

@hpierrejacques opens the curtain on @HarlemCapital's Fund I ... and the Qs they considered when deciding how much to raise.

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