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Feb 04, 2022 - Article

Emerging Managers from the Raise Conference: What Does the Data Say?

At #OpenLP we love ourselves some performance benchmarks! 250+ emerging managers submitted data to the Raise Conference… One 2015 fund is notching a 10.46x TVPI! Check out the stats here.

Nov 05, 2021 - Twitter

LP Thoughts on Emerging Manager Performance Benchmarks

Want to know how your fund stacks up against the rest of the pack? Particularly in the context of newer vintages? Here’s a great thread from Beezer Clarkson on just that topic… plus key insights on the wider LP context at the...

Apr 30, 2021 - Article

Metrics that matter most for investors & limited partners

Finding your north star metric as an investor can be confusing. Do you care more about consistent cash flows overtime or a large lump-sum payment later in the future? Do you care about total cash returned or a risk-adjusted rate of return?...

Sep 25, 2020 - Article

Do Emerging Fund Managers Outperform More Established VCs?

Today we address our first question:  Do Emerging Fund Managers Outperform More Established VCs?  The bottom line is that YES, emerging fund managers have a slight edge compared to more established venture capital fund managers.

May 21, 2018 - Article

LP survey results: What LP’s are saying about emerging venture manager funds

This post serves a part one of a two part series that Beezer Clarkson at Sapphire Ventures and I are co-authoring to help VC’s (specifically emerging managers) navigate through fundraising cycles and engender better and more relevant relationships with LP’s.

🩺 @raiseconference took the pulse of 200+ #LPs for their take on the state of #VC today 👇

1/ Frustration brewing... w excessive fund sizes & “Economics > 2/20”
2/ Want VCs to focus efforts on 1 stage/1 sector
3/ Some LPs would sell assets in legacy funds

👏TY to @HarryStebbings, @Chalfs, @katherineykwu, @fredwilson, @hunterwalk, @bizcarson, @pitchbook, @nvca & the ... many more who shared insights in this month's #OpenLP newsletter💫

🔗👇 for perspectives from the bright minds of the venture ecosystem


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Great 🧵on for #VC fundraising for first-time managers.

@hpierrejacques opens the curtain on @HarlemCapital's Fund I ... and the Qs they considered when deciding how much to raise.

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