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Apr 30, 2021 - Article

Metrics that matter most for investors & limited partners

Finding your north star metric as an investor can be confusing. Do you care more about consistent cash flows overtime or a large lump-sum payment later in the future? Do you care about total cash returned or a risk-adjusted rate of return?...

Sep 25, 2020 - Article

Do Emerging Fund Managers Outperform More Established VCs?

Today we address our first question:  Do Emerging Fund Managers Outperform More Established VCs?  The bottom line is that YES, emerging fund managers have a slight edge compared to more established venture capital fund managers.

May 21, 2018 - Article

LP survey results: What LP’s are saying about emerging venture manager funds

This post serves a part one of a two part series that Beezer Clarkson at Sapphire Ventures and I are co-authoring to help VC’s (specifically emerging managers) navigate through fundraising cycles and engender better and more relevant relationships with LP’s.

Mar 19, 2018 - Article

Micro-VC, Strictly By The Numbers

In my last post, I described the icy fundraising market as it relates to emerging venture fund managers that are seeking capital for the first time. While I recognized that the post was particularly discouraging for aspiring venture fund managers, I also...

Mar 08, 2018 - Article

How VCs Get Measured

VCs measure the performance of startups all day long. Many of the metrics that are used to evaluate companies are reasonably well understood and publicly known. But few people realize how VC funds are measured — and how easy it is to find benchmarks...

File this one under: DO NOT MISS 🌟

The very first LP Roundtable on the #VentureUnlocked podcast is a *must listen* ... episode.

Featuring insights from @cdouvos, @guyperelmuter, and @Beezer232.



In the early stages of the life cycle of a fund, the most frequently used performance metrics (MOIC, TVPI, DPI, IRR) may... not be very reliable...

So what are the key VC performance metrics beyond just common multiples?

https://www.bfp.vc/vc-performance-metrics-for-early-stage-funds-beyond-common-multiples/ by @marcocsolinas

How can emerging fund managers prepare for access to new capital?

@cartainc, @DLA_Piper, + @WeaverCPAs are hosting a ... webinar tomorrow on just this topic.

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The Weekend Read:

"Endowments are posting their best returns since the 1980s... In many cases, this validates the ... so-called "endowment model" championed by the late David Swensen of Yale, which over-allocates to illiquid securities."

https://www.axios.com/higher-education-endowment-growth-investments-7b745c31-693d-4ee8-a522-1accf6ca62fd.html by @danprimack

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